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The natural solution for climate protection

humusCO2mp is a company that contributes to climate protection with a natural solution by increasing the production of humus in agriculture and forestry.


Through the different, bidimensional products of investment and compensation, agriculture and forestry are promoted, CO2 is bound and carbon removal agreements are concluded.


humusCO2mp builds the bridge between the financial market (ESG9) and agriculture and forestry. Is the driver of the content of the European Green Deal, the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


The uniqueness of humusCO2mp is the internal procurement commitment of compensation options and sustainably relevant added value of compensation according to ESG criteria.

CO2 binding

CO2 compensation

Climate resilience


environmental Protection

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We're expanding that
Agriculture and forestry value chain

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Through the bidimensional products of investment and compensation, agriculture and forestry are promoted, CO2 is bound and carbon removal agreements are concluded.

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Support the

With the help of the EU-regulated capital market and political support, agriculture is to be significantly promoted in order to launch a global humus enrichment initiative

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Binding CO2

This naturally increases the binding of CO2 in the soil. An enrichment of the humus level on all available arable land by just 1% would compensate for all CO2 emissions worldwide

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Carbon removal

In order to achieve its economic goals, the humusCO2mp compartment will conclude “Carbon Removal Agreements” with institutional investors. This opens up an interesting source of income with sustainable effects on the climate.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero

The EU Commission wants greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced to net zero by 2050. To achieve these goals, dramatic changes in the economy and agriculture are required.

In order to achieve these ambitious climate protection goals, not only must CO2 emissions be reduced, but CO2 must also be actively removed from the atmosphere. The technical requirements and know-how are available. However, there needs to be a rethinking of soil management and an interdisciplinary approach between agriculture, industry, politics and the capital market.

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